Some REAL Club Model Members seek a new lover or amusement (that's probably why they joined the club)!

Meet one and share their journey! Model Members are learning various Eastern, Middle East, Greek, Japanese Role play with Costumes (Cosplay) juxtaposed, fantasy, adult parties, domination, submission, Kuma Sutra & more! Each Model Member's interests is different - members can consult the club for erotic compatibility matchmaking...

Some of our model members enjoy some of the following...feel free to contact the model you are interested in to inquire of other interests not mentioned here!

REAL Club Model Roleplays, Japanese Cosplays and other Dressup Roleplay Fantasy Interests-1on1 or Party mix & match a few:

Lollipop Fantasy

Lover's fantasy

Submissive Fantasy

Bondage Fantasy

Greek Fantasy

Swinger's Party

DP Party

Grope Fantasy

Forced Fantasy

Abduction Fantasy

Forced Fantasy

Debt Collector Fantasy

Make luv in this club fantasy

Group Party


Good Smart Teen School Girl
 - teen inspired schoolgirl 
Flexible CheerGirl - I cheer & perform stunts for your Big Shot
Sexiest Trophy Housewife in the world! Variety of sexy aprons & always cooking with love, are u coming home to your trophy wife or the guy across the street sneaking over to play. I never take my ring off! 
Naughty Nurses wear BLACK and cure morning wood, blueballs and similar ailments.
EXoTiC Traditional Japanese Schoolgirl in bow tie & jacket- pigtails or not? At school waiting for the Sinsei's instructions!
Flight Attendant - join Mile High Airline and fly with me!
Sexy Business Lady - I have my own office to play in - Interview me or I interview you, fire me or I fire you...then what happens? 
Middle Eastern / Indian Belly Dancer - The only Harem Girl you will ever need -I dance for you & please prince
Dominatrix - Not just a Dominating Presence - Complete dominating fun!
Teacher - I have my own classroom to share the wildest teacher student fantasy! your or Mine?

Sleeping - You walk into my room & know I'm sleeping hard in my sexy clothes or nude & probably will not wake up....

Maid to Please - Asian or French Maids are just more fun and submissive and they really clean up!
Militia - Join the REAL Club Militia & enjoy the battle between the sexes, camo & military inspired wardrobe - boot camp, rank play
Japanese Geisha -  traditional Japanese hostesses versed in various Japanese arts, pleasure & conversation
Sexy Nerd/Geek - The sexiest Pleasure seeking nerdy glasses wearing sensual Awkwardess on the planet!
Envious Club Date - Multi-hr outing to favorite spot enjoying sensual mutual rubs until we are the envy of the club!
Gogo Dancer - Chic private lap lover, more than strip tease stripplease!
Ridem Cowgirl - You horsee Me Rider - with or without clothes wearing my cowboy hat
Preppy Student - Ivy League Style, Classy & Sensuality

Super Hero - Wonder woman Bat girl Spiderwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman or Supergirl all get into super trouble!
Flashing Graduate - Cap & Gown usually with bathing suit / bra & panties or nothing underneath-what do I have to do to graduate?

Business Boss - Dominate or submissive Business lady BDSM play

Frisky Cop - Dominate or submissive Cop gets handcuffed or handcuffs BDSM play

Fairy Tail - Mini mouse, Red Riding in the Hood, Mermaid, Wicked Witch, Diva Fantasy Girl Dorthy, Snow (not always) White, Fairy, Angel Devil....

Sexy Animals - Raccoon, Tiger, Pussycat, Fox, Cheetah, Leopard, 
Daisy Dukes - sometimes naive maybe rouge cleavage exposed checkered top Southern Confederate with tight fitting sexy cutoffs
East Indian Goddess - Dressed in traditional East Indian garb & adornments inspired from the deities-her wish is your command

Daddy's Little Girl - Little Girl Inspired wardrobe for Age Play!

Good Nurse - wears white but has a naughty secret

Sexy Fashion, Lingerie or Bikini Model - Your Private Show includes outfit changes, strip tease & more 

Lady in Red - So sexy in Red Dress - Hot girl 
Lady in Black - Great club Look
HootersGirl - I have my own Hooters outfit, for the best wings you ever had!

Sexatary - I know you had a rough day, I'll relax the stress away. Professional office dress up, your office or mine?

Rain Coat Flasher - Sexy rain Coat with bikini or nothing underneath
Teen Dream - Several sexy teen dream outfits!In addition to my aforementioned interests,
Naughty Nerd/Bookworm/Librarian/Detention - nerdy never looked so sexy - the glasses usually add to the look!
Talented & Energetic Teen Babysitter - Not so talented at babysitting....Sexy Teen

Abduction Fantasy

Forced Fantasy

Debt Collector Fantasy

Sexy Get Some Nun
Oil me up Dancer - 
Preppy Student
Work Place Scenarios- Secretary

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra 
Temp - Wants to be a permanent

Kuma Sutraa Student - How many positions can we check off - over 250 positiom

Prom Date

Royal or Wicked Queen

or suggest your favorite dressup fantasy for us to share! 

Pigtails sHY Student


Oil me up Dancer
Preppy Student
Japanese Geisha (for Asian guys)
Jewish or Arabian Princess for Middle Eastern guys
Librarian or Detention at skool
Work Place Scenarios (Come to your business/job)
Teasing Job Interview
Temp Harassment
Performance Review - What will a sexy girl do to keep her job?
Mile hi Club Flight Attendant
Ride em Cowgirl, you provide the Cowboy hat!
Pamper U Like a ♛King♛
Maid to Please
Bubbles Bath Pleaser
Pigtails Fantasies girl next door U'll com back 4more!
Petite in Daisy Dukes
Add Dominatrix to any role for
submissive guys-I am Boss/ Teacher/ Goddess who will discipline!

(Dress-ups outfits are $30 more & many are in stock but some outfits requires at least 48hr advance reservation)

The Ultimate Exotic Princess with the Ultimate Fantasy Dressup & Roleplay combined with the

wildest Erotic Interests equals

The Ultimate Erotic Experience!

Share one of  our sexy dressup roleplay fantasies today!!! 


 (Any Gift suggested is for introduction, Admission, Erotic Matchmaking or similar and no other services for money are implied! See RSVP Contact Contract for complete info on my safe legal full fun sessions). My body experiences can be combined)