F A Q   Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Who is REAL Club USA?

REAL Club USA is the top East Coast PRIVATE Online Adult Club and we're growing in top western cities! We have thousands of members in most major cities and some that became members through travel. As such we already have many members on both coasts. Since our roots in New York, we have added many members in DC, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas & other nearby cities. The west coast momentum is picking up primarily from  western cites  members who joined while they visited east coast and asked us to arrange or host our cool adult parties or one on one fantasy meetings & VIP Introductions in LA, San Fran or Vegas! So here we grow!

How long has REAL Club USA been around?

REAL Club Began as a means to protect entertainers from groupie lawsuits that resulted after road parties and became organized into a club in 2002 with beginnings in Manhattan New York & Atlanta!

What are some of REAL Club USA's Services & why are they legal?

Members do not pay models nor REAL Club for services nor interests. Interested members enjoy those with interested members freely! Members gift or donate to the club to offset club costs. Any gift or donation suggested The Club's legal adult services are Erotic Compatibility Matchmaking, Erotic Compatibility Adult Introductions, Neutral Location Adult Introduction Hosting, Luxury Cosplay Introductions, Swinger/Group Party Admission, Adult Classes, Seminars, etc!  Adult Parties (swinger parties, hotel room key swaps, group parties, bachelor parties etc), Adult Fantasy Modeling & Acting (Fantasy Maids, Tennis, Golf, Wrestling & other Sports Playmates, Wedding & Other fantasy Playmates), Adult party hosting, Adult Clubwear (Lingerie, Costumes, Swimwear, Dominatrix & Fetish wear), BDSM Parties & meetings for Dominatrix, Goddess & Submissive, Fantasy Roleplay Meetings, Adult Companion Meetings & similar legal adult opportunities! 


Why is REAL Club USA a club & not an escort agency?

Since we are a Private Adult Club, we have no illegal services although we advertise in the same places as agencies that have illegal services. Because we are an adult club, we are not required by law enforcement to have escort license because our model members are not escorts! We do not use the words like escort, client, masseuse, massage, stripper to describe ourselves nor our interest or our members because even using these words in many jurisdictions mean models advertising using them must have a license or are doing something illegal (for instance calling a member a client implies an illegal service for money. Consequently we have no clients, just members. members mean we have a common interest, client means they pay for something that could be illegal)! 


We have members not clients and model members not escorts, nor prostitutes, nor hookers, nor masseuses nor strippers. Municipalities make money from naive escorts who do not realize the impact of using such words and do not understand why their prospective clients (who probably are law enforcement) are using those words until they find out later that they had been entrapped and incriminated by words! Adult Clubs are protected by the Constitution of the United States as long as they operate within the law! We endeavor to do that at every opportunity!



What's the big deal about not being an escort agency?

Ask most agencies to show you their Escort or Massage license and most will never produce one (and in some cites dancers must have a license). Even if they have a license, they do not require all their models to have license (that is an illegal situation). Some do not require all of their models to be over 18, just one is a felony, for the owners of the agency and everyone working with the underage model NO EXCEPTION (all convicted will end up on the Sex Offenders List for life). Some agencies do not require all their models to be legal citizens-this situation is illegal for the agency & everyone working for them will be charged with the same charges- NO EXCEPTIONS regardless of what they lie & tell you. Sounds like a big deal to law enforcement, not sure why your legal safety is not a big deal to agencies? It is to us!

Even when the agency has an adult license for one service in the city they are in, they usually do not have one for all the adult services they provide. Most do not have a license for the county they are in (the city and county operate separately and each have law enforcement agencies that both want money). They also do not have license for every county or city near them (or adjoining cities, counties or other cities and counties in nearby states) that the agency sends models too. 

For example, in Atlanta an escort agency might have a license for city of Atlanta but does that agency have one for Fulton county, Dekalb county, Cobb county, Gwinette county, Rockdale County or the many other counties around Atlanta? And many agencies send models to Dunwoody, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Midtown, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Riverdale, Chattanooga, Peachtree City, Johns Creek, Cummings, Milton & other cities around Atlanta all of which have invite & arrest stings and want money from adult providers. All these counties & cities & more that are adjacent to Atlanta want escorts, masseuses & strippers to pay them for licences and if you are invited to their city our county or operating in any of these (even if you are invited by law enforcement) without a license for their city or county, you are considered "illegal agency & illegal escorts, masseuses & strippers". Sounds like a big deal to all the cities and counties around the city you live in & it's a big deal to us! 

Cash strapped municipalities consider illegal agencies & models as easy money. So their vice department stays in business, they hunt down illegal agencies & models or invite them to sting operations.  We love freedom and have no criminal background issues! Since it's a big deal to law enforcement, it's a big deal to us too! So we have to be able to PROVE we are not an escort agency, nor masseuses nor strippers. That's the reason for the long documents attached to your Welcome Letter, to help each of our model document that they are members of our club and not escorts, masseuses nor strippers no matter what city or county they visit! Law enforcement does not care what you say, only what you can prove . . . .It's a big deal to us to be able to prove our models are legal! Is being legal and safe a big deal to you? If you are accustom to operating illegally and can't appreciate the reason it's a big deal to us, this is not the company for you.


So what makes REAL Club USA so different?

Our models are members, our exotic ladies and the gentlemen who are interested in them are all part of an alternate adult lifestyle relationship club, not part of an illegal agency, not part of a prostitution ring, not supporting illegal aliens or underage adult workers. Our models are looking for a safe legal ways to have fun. That's why they join the Club! So even though we may advertise in some of the same places as illegal agencies because private clubs are protected by the Constitution of the Unites States, NO LICENSE IS REQUIRED. Not for the club nor the members! REAL Club USA is different because we are not like illegal agencies that want to be illegal, we want to operate within the law and believe in doing so! 


How does REAL Club USA let law enforcement know it's a club?

Even though we may advertise in some of the same places as illegal agencies, our disclaimers indicate that we are not an agency and everyone that wants to meet a model for any reason, MUST BECOME A MEMBER - NO EXCEPTIONS! So REAL Club USA does not use the standard escort disclaimers like "money is for time & companionship blah blah blah" that everyone else uses because if it worked, no escort would ever go to jail! Our lawyers have crafted a simple disclaimer that has worked and been revised monthly for over 15 years! Our disclaimer let's investigators know we are not like the rest, we are a club & therefore different!


How does membership legally protect model members?

Private Clubs are protected by the Constitution and therefore as long as membership can be proved, club members privacy must be protected. Second acquiring Membership is Screening! That means ALL prospective members must acknowledge Club Membership terms and conditions which also means law enforcement would have to acknowledge in court was proof that we are a club and therefore not an illegal agency. Massage, Escort & Stripper Agencies usually say they screen but just asking a guy if he is a cop is not screening, undercover cops obviously can lie & say they are not cops or they would not be able to do their job, so screening must prove something to law enforcement. Our screening (Membership) proves to law enforcement that we are a club and not escorts, masseuses nor strippers! Membership protects our models and ALL our members! 

All prospective members and models must agree to the Club's terms for safe legal meetings & parties, once they do, grounds for legal action that could result in arrest are eliminated as long as models follow our procedures. If the prospective member does not agree to membership they are not allowed to meet the model nor join a party (even repeat members have to agree each time they visit!). All models must complete orientation to understand how to keep their appointments & parties legal & safe before they can begin. Membership protects our models because it establishes that we are operating within the law as designated by the Constitution of the United States!


What does REAL Club USA do to prove the models are really members?

We must be able to legally prove all our model members are really members of our club. How do we do that? Each model member must have a Membership Form on file with us before they join with every possible adult interest they might engage a fellow member with to be protected legally. We must get the membership form completed before any appointments in the event of a legal issue so we can prove the model member's adult interests before joining the club were prior to meeting anyone! This establishes the legal reason why we are introducing you to different gentlemen. No one else establishes your legal right to meet for alternate adult relationships like we do! Plus over the years we have complied thousand of model members and gentlemen members who have interests like yours that are the basis for our club! 


How do you know REAL Club USA really screened the prospect, agencies say they screen but never show you anything?

So investigating agencies know that we are not like any of the agencies operating without a license, all calls are screened, all appointments are screened, NO EXCEPTIONS. You can rest assured that our screening is thorough, safe and really without exception because you get to see the last part of our four part screening as they sign their membership in front of you to indicate agreement to Club Legal Terms thus nullifying any opportunity for legal prosecution. You will know they were screened because unlike any agency, you see the screening! 



You know REAL Club USA screened the prospect because, WE SHOW YOU THE SCREENING . . . EVERY TIME! 

We have the best screening in the industry because we intend to keep all our members  legally safe.

Why does REAL Club USA say it has the best screening?

No agency has screening like ours nor shows it's models the screening like we do plus it works all over the United States because adult clubs are protected by the Constitution! In addition to our 5-star screening, we have verification for all member or prospective members requesting travel (across town or across the country). Also we verify for any unusual interests and any additional picture requests (why should prospects be given additional pics without proving they are not investigating?). Verification insures the location & the prospective member are real and safe. Our screening is the best because it works all over the country like we do! And we expand it with verification for exceptional issues that would make our models vulnerable! No one else has screening that works legally all over the US like ours!

Our screening & verification are the best also because they not only screen & verify but they also legally tie all prospective members to our terms and conditions for club member legal safety and minimizes prosecution due to our notifying investigating agencies that we do not fit the target group & establishing grounds for civil action if club Constitutional rights are over stepped! That is part of our screening, once law enforcement agencies are apprised that we have ourselves covered legally, they usually move on to easy illegal agencies.

What else does REAL Club USA do to legally protect it's model members?

We also are a full service Adult Talent Agency. The Adult Talent & Entertainment Agency's primary service is adult videos, adult print work (in front of a camera), Adult Club appearance gigs, adult modeling (lingerie, costumes, toys & adult gear) & other legal adult gigs. 

The Adult Talent Agency allows another level of legal protection in that our models can perform adult services as a legal adult entertainer! Thus again reducing the possibility of our models facing prosecution. Since implementation of our Private Adult Club and Adult Entertainment Agency over 15 years ago, plus the legal way we operate and our legal procedures, we have not had the legal issues that befall escort agencies,  escorts, massage companies, masseuses & strippers. And we have operated in many US cities. 

Even models that have no interest in video or being porn stars are signed up as part of the Adult agency since we have producers & want-to-be producers who pay our models for non camera one on one or party auditions. We also have adult club & or swinger club party hosting and many other legal opportunities that escort agencies do not even know about! The Rare Exotic Adult Talent Agency, another way REAL Club USA acquires legal adult work for it's model members to create high paying opportunities while legally protecting our models!

Does REAL Club USA do anything else to protect it's models members legally?

As you would expect of an experienced upscale company, we put everything in writing (most escort agencies put nothing in writing so how can you trust they will do what they say?). Plus we do not need to use your pics in most basic advertising, however when VIP marketing requires for us to use your pics, we blurry your face.

Putting everything in writing, not using your pics for most of our marketing legally protects our models like no agency has ever thought of! We are the safest company you can work with because our legal format & the way we work is safe because we want our models to be legally safe!  



Why the attached Forms, agencies never have me fill out anything?

Since agencies put nothing in writing, they cannot protect their models in court! 

You cannot show up in court with "he said, she said" testimony, that's called hearsay and that is not admissible in court unless you have someone to corroborate it. Law Enforcement does not care what you say, only what you can prove. 

Historically people in adult activities and actions have been considered sub-humans of society and guilty until proven innocent. We want our models to feel comfortable to exercise their fifth amendment right to silence and for lawyers to be able to PROVE they joined the club because they were interested in alternate adult relationships & behavior and our forms PROVE that in court without you saying a word! We want them to be able to prove they signed up for legal adult gigs and our Model Agreement PROVES that in court without you saying a word!

We want all our models to know they do not have to pander to law enforcement like a sub human with no rights because they have real tangible legal protection! 

The attached documents are designed to protect our model members in ways agencies who are not trying to operate within the law have never considered. Why have agencies not operated this way, probably because it costs too much to have lawyers set all this up. 

Why do we have you fill out forms when agencies never have you fill out anything, because we want you to KNOW you are operating within the law and the agreements speak for our models in court if necessary. However because we put everything in writing it has never been necessary! Do you see the legal and personal benefit of filling out the attached forms? If not, we wish you the best in your endeavors with illegal agencies. We will only work with smart models who want to be legal & safe.


How is the Membership Form used?

The attached Complimentary New Member & Entertainment Agency Interests Limits & Restrictions Form is the basis of our Club membership for models & our legal Matchmaking & Introduction service! In court, defense attorneys do not want their clients to take the stand and look foolish trying to explain taking money for sex or adult services so something has to explain that you did not do that, the Membership form does that! First it talks for you in court if necessary, win without saying a word!

Since we have a Private Adult Club (PAC), with emphasis on PRIVATE, it means members do not share your personal info with fellow members. Your membership form is not shared with anyone except our bookers (bookers do not have access to a membership form with your real name or contact info on it). We maintain the info for privacy purposes.

For models members to be protected legally their real name must appear on the bottom of the form they email to us so we can prove in court should we ever have to (so far, we never haven't had to) that you are indeed our model & those are your adult interests and your legal reasons you meet gentlemen you do not know. What would you say in court if you were working for an agency & you were caught in a sting operation was the reason you were meeting a guy you did not know for $800 and sex was involved? The Membership Form proves you actually joined the adult club before any legal problem and establishes legal reason for your actions. It is a part of club procedure that all members identity be protected (hence a private club) so you do not need to know the real names of the guys you meet and they do not need to know your real name either, in the club, fantasy names are all that are used!

With an adult club there is no worries because we always meet for alternated adult relationships and sex is part of that and there for nothing illegal! Plus members are never gifting to you or making you a prostitute because he is gifting to the adult club usually for our legal Erotic Compatibility Matchmaking Service or For Erotic Matchmaking Introductions or for Erotic Introductions Discrete Private Hosting and never for sex, massage, escorting, stripping or illegal activities. We have that in writing so you are protected in court should a legal issue arise! The membership Form proves model members with our club are not prostitutes nor participating in illegal activities.

A prosecutor might try to establish prostitution because our model member does not know the prospective member's real name. No problem, membership is private and everyone is expected to use fantasy names in our Club, just like you! In fact, our membership requires that members do not exchange personal contact information like real names & phone numbers so that club and member privacy is maintained. Doing so would constitute a breach of privacy, with financial consequences. All members are expected to use non real names at Club sponsored activities and only give out club phone number as contact numbers. A fantasy name is at the top of the form but additional fantasy names may be given to model members. Additionally, it explains why you might have an intimate relationship with a guy whose real name you do not know. In court it does not matter what you say, so don't say anything, let our forms speak for you!

The attached Membership Form is also used to determine what gigs or parties we can pre-book for you so we don't have to stop & ask you a question every time a member or prospect asks our bookers a question. It also helps our bookers to prebook more gigs for you by considering you for more types of gigs than any other agency based on your responses on the form!

Another use for the Membership form is to setup profiles on lifestyle sites under the fantasy character & name we chose for you. We ask all the questions we have been asked from hundreds of sites and thousands of members on one form.

Finally the membership form is to create more types of appointments/gigs for you than what an illegal agency or massage organization would seek since we understand a wider variety of your interests and advertise in a wider market! We use it to determine model member compatibility for a number of adult gigs like Adult Club Host, Swinger parties, Adult actress auditions, VIP Introductions & Travel & more.                     

The attached Membership Interests Limits & Restriction Form is your Complimentary membership form, you have to be a member to be matched with members and prospects for introductions and parties to be legal. The more on the form you are open to participate in, the more types of introductions, modeling, video or party gigs we will have for you and the more you will make!


What is the Model Agreement / Talent Agency Agreement for?

The attached Non Exclusive Model Agreement establishes new models as a legal adult entertainer/contractor with our company (and it legal establishes that they are not an escort or other illegal worker) plus important details of how we work are in it. Non Exclusive means models can work with other companies while they work with us however they cannot use our documentation if they have a mishap working with another company. 

Additionally if persons under 18 are transported across state lines with out permission of their parents, it is a felony. If persons under 18 are involved in adult work, it is a felony. So the Club, the Talent Company, it's owners and members are not committing felonies, all models working with our us must provide government id to prove they are at least 18. No exceptions since all who are affiliated with the underage minor will be arrested and charged with a felony as well. We know agencies don't care about checking id's but that's just proof they prefer to operate illegally & the we want to do everything we can to operate legally!

Even though hosting is mentioned in the model agreement, in most cities, members interested in meeting model members usually agree to pay hosting fees. Splits are also documented on this form, so there are no misunderstandings. Models are paid daily in cash.


Do Model members have to talk to prospects on the phone?

Additionally model members almost never have to talk to any prospects or members on the phone, like with some agencies because REAL Club USA does the matchmaking not the models. We do not believe in members incriminating themselves with their voice over the phone to get appointments while their voice is unknowingly recorded on the other side agreeing to some illegal or lewd service like some agencies do. We have bookers to arrange appointments for model members plus bookers are trained to keep all conversation legally safe while we maintain our own copies of all conversations so that we assure that no illegal agreements have been made. Plus you cannot be held legally liable for what the booker agrees to! You did not agree to anything, legal deniability with pictures & agreements! Why should you have to talk on the phone and incriminate your self?


Why are your disclaimers so long?

Our disclaimers and screenings are far more extensive than any in the industry because we intend to keep all our models & members legally safe! Don't believe it? Read the disclaimer at the bottom of all my emails. 


What are you considering me for?

In addition to becoming a Model Member with our Private Adult Club, You are being considered for one or more of the following:

BodyRub Enthusiast

Touring VIP Playmate

Adult Party Fantasy Playmate

Member to member one on one Erotic Introductions

VIP Exotic Fantasy Playmate Introductions

Swinger Party Host

BDSM Submissive or Dominatrix Party Playmate

Private Adult Entertainer


Fantasy Roleplay Actress (non video)

Golf or Tennis Erotic Companion

or as many opportunities as we can derive based on your responses to the attached Membership form. 


What does REAL Club USA offer Models?

Not an agency, no illegal services. Safe Legal!

Bonus if you can travel (not required)

Discrete north Atlanta location Hosting
Marketing on Several different tiers so you make some money as an everyday model, some as a Glamour Model & Some as a VIP model & other opportunities!

Marketing for a wide variety of gigs based on what we derive from your membership form. Some models are marketed for BodyRub (over 20 unique exotic rubs!) and marketed for fantasy roleplay and marketed for dominatrix and companion, all under different names & characters when combined with the tier marketing, means our models make the most money!

Pre-Booked Appointments - Appointment Scheduling so as much as possible we schedule appointments in advance.

10 day prepaid travel tours to very productive cities like New York, DC, Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, LA. We work in most major cities. We premarket the tour so our models are sure to make between $10k-$20k for a 10 day tour (some training may be required).

Job /Income Reference for Car or Apartment!

Screening - you get to see last step of screening.

Database of thousands of members 

Exotic Glamour Look MakeOvers - some models are marketed as Asian, then as another character marketed as E. Indian or other ethnicity to optimize their earnings! 

All Appointments Screened & you get to see the last part of the screening! So you know your meeting is safe. Who else does that?

1,OOO-3,4OO+ daily cash payouts, Many high paying multi hr, full day or weekend appts!

Safe discrete professional upscale appointments!

Glamour VIP Photo Session - No Cost to Models

Daily Upscale Hosting

Very Little Outcall - Less than 5%

30-50% of appointments pay like full but are not full!

Over a 15 years of experience!

Transportation Provided

Never Need to Give or Use your Cell Phone!

Suitors who give gifts, take you shopping, Spa/Salon Treatments & more

Flexible Schedule - Opportunities 24/7

Training Provided - We have many new & upscale ways to interest prospective members! most training provided by video!

More Extensive Marketing - We market in places other companies don't know about or can't place ads

Exclusive model marketing, model websites & ad focus - works for all upscale models

Safest LEGAL way to work * Safe all over the US

Legal Safety Procedures Orientation & Training

Innovative & Classy Management & more than anyone else because we are a CLUB not an agency!


What do I do to get started?

First complete the Additional Required Items above, it will signal to us that you are serious about joining our club and about being safe.

Next complete the Membership Form by putting your initials by any interest that you would like to be the receiver of or giver of - most interests have 2 answers so don't forget to also indicate if you would be interested in being the giver of the interest item and if the guest(s) can receive the interest item from you. 

No worries, if you don't understand something on the form, please google it. If you are interested in something but not sure how to do it or want training, put a "-t" next to your initials for the interest item to indicate you need training & training will be provided (sometimes by video or other method). 

Please type directly on your membership form. You can edit it with your Word program (or get a free Word compatible suite at openoffice.org). Take your time and thoroughly complete the form answering all questions thoughtfully. Be creative in your answers so we can be expansive in finding more opportunities for you! 

Feel free to include any fantasies you might have as that a compatible member(s) might be interesting in meeting you to share that! We sell fantasy roleplay - never sex, introductions - not sex, matchmaking - not sex, adult parties - not sex. We feel these create legal upscale appointments for you!

Once complete, email your membership form to us, then I will review your interests with you to make sure there are no misunderstandings. 

When completing your membership form, if there is an interest item you might not normally consider but would consider with extenuating circumstances (like only meet with a chaperon or additional safety verification), indicate that you will consider that interest item and include the extenuating circumstance in the empty space at end of the interest item line & we will ask you and the prospective member before each appointment.

Please do not mark everything "Consider" on your membership form, (consider should be used sparingly, like a couple times or so) overuse will only delay your starting with us as that we have to know most of your interests in advance so we have can automatically pre-book appointments for you. 

The more interests you mark yes to, the more appointments we will have for you! If you don't have access to a computer and want to complete this form from your phone, ask for the email embedded version or go to Staples, Kinkos or a internet cafe to complete it.

Then complete your Model Agreement by completing the digital witness at the bottom or you may complete this on your first day id must be provided before any travel or appointments will be arranged) so please remember to bring your government id on your first day as that all members must be verified as over 18 to protect every one and for you to start with our company. 


Almost forgot the most important question new models ask . . . How much will I make? 

We like exotic models because our members will gift well to be introduced to them! We will work with you to make sure you look very exotic for while working with our companies. Asian and Indians generally are at the top of the exotic scale but don;t despair, we have glamour model makeover to turn non Asian & Indian models into super exotics . . .many times as Asian & Indian. 

Of course what you make depends on many factors: 

Model availability

Where models work 

What is rare & exotic in the area you work, for instance in cities like LA, Asian might not be so rare! 

What your interests are (members today are interested in a wide variety of adult lifestyle behavior & alternate adult relationships

Model's ability to convey a fantasy or exotic ethnicity other than their own (we help with this)

Model's money motivation

Model's ability to communicate 

& more

However, most rareexotic models who commit to our fantasy meetings make $300-1500/day & 10-20k for 5-10 day multi-city tours, vacations, parties or a variety of our pre-booked gigs! VIP advertising & marketing is expensive and starts after a new model has booked her first $10k with the company. 

NO WORRIES! Would we have gone through the trouble to write all this up if you could not make the money we expect you to make? We spent thousands on the perfect Welcome Letter for our models and will spend well to make sure you reach your financial goals too! 

Complete your forms now & Let's get you started!



REAL Club USA (Rare Exotic Adult Lifestyle Club USA)