Here's Why We Are The Ultimate Adult Fantasy Playground & Prestigious Hotel Alternative... 

REAL Club USA-Atlanta is an over 20 year old member based discreet private adult club hosting safe legal daily Adult Model & Entertainer Introductions|Meetings|Small Parties|Classes|Shows|Adult Seminars & Events from our upscale villa in north Atlanta! We also are the advocates for safe meetings for independent adult models & entertainers! The legal existence of private & public adult clubs is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States as an extension of freedom of speech! Our Villa North Atlanta is an unique Adult Event Space Like No Other! Our Appointment Hosting Program allows top independent adult Model- Entertainers to provide an upscale home like experience that exceeds hotel hosting at a fraction of the cost .... Limited Spaces!!


REAL Club USA extends this limited time opportunity to tour our Atlanta/Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa that’s available for all of your ADULT hosting needs! Consider it your Hotel Alternative Hosting Residence for Prestigious Appointments, Sensual Introductions, Adult Meetings & Parties! Enjoy Wine Tasting & our Ladies Only Erotic Soft Touch Adult Fashions Show while visiting select days!


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Our Unique Adult Model & Entertainer Event & Posting Journal with Auto-Booking  - (RAG) For Pre-Approved Upscale Adult Models & Entertainers Only! Puts booking, automatic scheduling & the widest variety of adult interests|kink on the planet at you fingertips! Included free with Hotel Alternative Hosting Program!  For more info contact Brinklee- 470 315-1084 text first

or email  Mention our Hotel Alternative Appointment Hosting Program!


Models have been kidnapped, raped, beaten, robbed, killed and more at nice hotels. Hotels will contact law enforcement if they perceive a guest is having too many visitors or dresses provocatively. This causes law enforcement to start investigating the guests activities on the hotel’s behalf sometimes including bugging your room with the hotel’s consent. It’s their room-not yours! Maids are instructed to check your garbage for condoms & if they find too many or perceive you are escorting or having adult parties in THEIR room, they will escort you to their security area, take your picture with I.D. then ban you not only just that location but their entire franchises. Hotels will record your movements & activities on their property & let law enforcement in your room to arrest you. They will give a spouse a room key if the room is in their last name or paid for by a card in the mutual last name. If these things have not happened to you yet, you are fortunate but many adult models have had one or more of these experiences. Hotels also rent rooms to law enforcement to lure & entrap escorts, ladies who do massage and strippers to check & see if they have the required license, if not they are arrested. Many states have no law against entrapment. For more info click here: Entrapment Defense is Seldom Successful. Most activities of law enforcement are not considered entrapment...


  • The REAL Club Atlanta|Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa is safer because we are located in a private residence and not subject to entering, search nor bugging without a search warrant! We maintain the highest standards of privacy since privacy is guaranteed similarly to doctor/patient for private clubs as an extension of the constitution’s privacy laws! We do not publicly list the address so there is no unexpected stalking nor investigating! As a result, spouses can not locate the club even when their spouse is visiting because the address has not been given out!

    1. Visitors are checked at the door for safety with a security wand or sensually pat down- no unexpected weapons can be pulled on a model nor can she be robbed after play. Tasers are hidden in rooms for additional model protection!

    2. We have additional security procedures in place (discussed during orientation) and we always have security or other Models or Managers onsite to assure model safety.

    3. Appointment Reservations come with Free Membership.It binds visitors to club terms & protect all legally.


  1. More upscale than a hotel. Some charge for parking! Hotels typicals rent rooms: usually around 200-300 sq ft, sometimes rooms with kitchens built in but are not much bigger-occasionally with a seperate bedroom for about 350-400 sq ft. Rooms are usually nice but small & basic. When you pay a lot more, the room can be really nice! However at the end of each stay, you must take your things! Others count the number of towels you request or expect a tip every time towels are brought. Hotels feature a lot of common areas but you can’t host a photo session in them and any photo session taken in a room, looks like you are escorting in a hotel…

  2. The REAL Club Atlanta|Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa has all the luxuries of home including over 4000 square feet of play space - more features about the Villa - click here ! Plenty of free parking with a circular drive for quick drop-off or pick-up just like a hotel. The Villa features FREE off street parking for more than 20 cars! The Villa is exotically appointed with many imported rare cultural accents blended with contemporary furnishings:

    1. Asian 8 seat Formal Dining Table with rare porcelain figurines, 6 seat Japanese table with rare porcelain, figurines, hand carved wood custom made leather jewelled gold trimmed goddess settie, hand carved rosewood marble topped bar, leather contemporary seating is comfortable and fashionable, granite server in the kitchen

    2. Meals can be cooked by Model or REAL Club’s cook or several private catering cooks, delivered or provided by one of Preferred Caterers: Affairs to Remember| {palate } catering | design | Sun In My Belly

    3. Drinks can be self prepared or utilize our on staff bartender!

    4. Butler/maid services (appropriately dressed professionally|sexy|cosplay) can be added to spice up a date!

    5. Mercedes Black Car Service can be added for travel to any appointment or to bring any appointment to you in style with our Sexy or Professional Model Driver Mercedes Black Car Service on the property at all times!

    6. Lockers available to store valuables during meetings. Repeat use items can be stored for days so model does not have to remove everything after each day like they would at a hotel!

  3. The REAL Club Atlanta|Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa has more luxuries than most homes! Plenty of free parking with a circular drive for quick drop-off or pick-up just like a hotel. The Villa features off street parking for more than 20 cars! Exotically appointed with many imported rare cultural accents blended with contemporary furnishings:

    1. Asian 8 seat Formal Dining Table with rare porcelain figurines, 6 seat Japanese table with rare porcelain figurines, hand carved wood custom made leather jewelled gold trimmed goddess settie, hand carved rosewood marble topped bar,

    2. Several porcelain figurines dividers & cabinets


  1. Main gathering room used as a lounge to host up to 50 guests! Lower gathering room with stripper pole, nerf ball golf driving simulator, swinger / webcam room, ping pong table, can also host another 50 guests comfortably!

  2. Models on hand to add to your session to help you make more!

  3. 11 Theme areas can be setup for a variety of meeting interests|fantasies including asian, middle eastern, bridal, teen, swinger, car fun, outdoor fun (discreet private backyard), heated bathroom shower show, office|corporate meeting room, parlor, voyeur, risky, housewife, kitchen, bedroom, bar/club and more.

  4. Fully stocked BDSM Lair with customizable settings is available with a variety of un-imaginable spankers, toys for girls/boys, rack for bondag, suspension device & bondage horse! Add a sexy models to add a kinky twist to your sessions!

  5. We know why you’re here so no discriminating against guest because you dress up or wear a costume! Fetishwear Approved!

  6. Hundreds of adult fashions on hand at all times to customize your playtime & add cosplay (make more adding cosplay to your session!). Cost friendly costume rental is available for only $20 so you can charge $60-$100 or more for cosplay session!


  1. Models using our appointment & party hosting are offered meetings with our members regularly for additional model income!

  2. With upscale hosting, models can meet higher end appointments & sugar daddy that are safe. Give the feel that guest is coming to your residence rather than meeting a working girl. This builds a better, longer lasting relationship that leads to model making more!

  3. Hundreds of adult fashions on hand at all times to add a costume for cosplay (make more adding cosplay to your session!). Cost friendly costume rental is available for only $20 so you can charge $60 or more and add inclime!

  4. Charge more for BDSM sessions using our BDSM Lair!

  5. Check in anytime, no waiting until 3pm because the clerk doesn’t want you in a room early even though they have rooms available…know you can get a room anytime you have an appointment even after 1am when most hotels will not let you check in!

  6. Join our Adult Body Rub Luv Program , MaidSexy or Exclusive Sexy Mercedes Black Car Driver Program to make more CASH!

  7. Use our fashions to create on the spot one one one or group fantasies and generate more CA$H! REAL Club USA Adult Fantasy Support . Everything you need to create any adult fantasy - add entertainers -  outfits - fantasy settings

  8. Get invite to become one of our Models! Even though we do not accept every model as our daily model, we still will have your info and book you occasionally for introductions, meetings & parties! Please  Email ( & with your legal age, height, weight, bra size, number of tattoos and head to toe pics from front, back & each side in bikini or bra/panties (no site embossed pics please we can accept your real look and have our own image consulting with model to assure you look more exotic than embossed pics!). Pics do not need to be professional & can be taken with a camera phone then complete a model application - you can also attach your pic in your Model Application. As one of our models, you will not pay for hosting! REAL Club USA will book and setup safe appointments, provide hosting and even wardrobe for cosplay meetings! All Safe Legal Adult Model Terms and splits are put in a Model Agreement once we are ready to hire you for one time or daily!

  9. Adult Models can join REAL Club USA's safe managed daily, weekly & occasional lifestyle events! Invite prospects to come meet you in person - party admission is only $30 for you guests & you get ($10 for each admission) let them hang out with you for a while (or invite sugar daddy's - so you make something for your time) to tease them into some play time! If they hookup with another model, you still get 8% of what he booked private time for! Models get to hangout for the entire party or to arrange their own private parties for hosting costs anytime! Check daily party schedule but don’t miss Hump Day, Freaking Friday & Saturday Suks! Anytime Parties:     Daily Parties: 


  1. We know why you are here so we are not discriminating against you because you dress up or wear a costume!

  2. No video of you nor your guests entering a hotel or public adult club. Pics not allowed.

  3. Have delivered|catered|cooked meals at the villa rather than run the risk of being caught at a public restaurant!

  4. Never be charged nor accused of prostitution|solicitation since models at adult clubs are legal adult entertainers - some basic procedures will be explained during orientation.

  5. Check in ANYTIME, 7am- 3am- 9:30am NO WAITING until 3pm because the clerk doesn’t want you in a room early even though they have rooms - available…



a. We know why you are here so we are not discriminating against you because you dress up or wear a costume!

b. Check in anytime, no waiting until 3pm because the clerk doesn’t want you in a room early even though they have

rooms available…All models support each others appointments!

c. Classes & Seminars: Everything you need to create a Monthly Income Class for Adult Entertainers, Dominatrix, Submissive, Pole Dance, Webcam Money, Bodyrub/work (we have over 25 erotic bodyrubs|works - click here), Exotic Image Consulting, Bondage Techniques, Hypnosis for Dominatrixes, Envy Hour Body Non Surgical Non Invasive Brazilian Breast & Butt Enlargement Classes (click Here), Learn Golf or Tennis fast, Relationship Mentoring, Adult Modeling Poses (over 100 top erotic model poses-with glamour or erotic photo shoot), How to work safely in the Adult World & many other classes.

d. Free wifi|bottled water|coffee|tea for guest, several movie channels, porn & porn music videos, wifi speakers & projection tv’s in theme rooms with custom romantic lighting, costume rentals available-we have our own in house erotic fashions company with many club dresses, lingerie, costumes, stockings & more immediately available to sale or rentals from $20    REAL Club Exotic Fashions (Click here)

E. Cancelled appointments are credited to model so model does not pay for a hotel that she doesn’t get to use!


The REAL Club Atlanta|Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa a visually stimulating technological world of over 4000 square feet designed with adult models and entertainers in mind! With our considerable experience, expertise and connections, there is no limit to the additional income a partnership will bring!


The REAL Club Atlanta|Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa hosts a wide variety of adult events, including:

  • Daily Goddess Worship Part & other Weekly Parties (click here)

  • Any Adult Party can be planned - Plan a Party (click here)

  • Parties: Bachelor|Bachelorette|Divorce|Going Away|Swinger|Girl Only|Male Revue|Burlesque|Lap Dance & more

  • Shows: Adult Fashions|Private Dancer/Stripper|Bodyrub|Lovers Fantasy|Cuddling|BDSM|Lap dance|Multi-Day Events

  • Masquerade Black Tie Balls

  • Corporate Meetings, Golf Driving Practice, Adult Panel Discussions, Seminars & Team Building Events

  • Adult Happy hour, Cocktail Receptions, Lapdance Luncheons & Dinners

  • Film, Technology and other Industry Networking Events

  • Adult Classes & Workshops - Adult Theatrical Performances / Film Screenings

  • Hedonistic Vacations, Carnival, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Top Boxing, Championship Tennis | Golf & top sporting events

Additional Features:

  • Great Atlanta location with million dollar houses all around-Dunwoody Country Club a couple blocks away, walk to plazas, banks, grocery stores, restaurants & more! Five minutes from Perimeter Mall! Not too far from Lenox & Phipps Plaza.

  • Ultimate Discreet Arrival & Departure Service-entering a house rather than a hotel or adult club is discreet in itself however for those who need more discretion, our Ultimate Discreet Arrival & Departure Service includes: Super Discreet arrival utilizing our Mercedes Black Car Service with entertainer level tinted glass directly into the restricted garage area where lockers await for costume upgrades & a variety of masks for ultimate discretion!

  • Customizable music activated lighting and upscale acoustics - relaxing ambience ...

  • Two full-service kitchens that allows chefs to create the finest gourmet cuisine for guests or to create a hot wife fantasy!

  • Mercedes Black Car Uber Service & On-site Parking with Valet Service Available

  • Hosting packages are $50/hour & $170/day. A posting on our journal site comes free with hosting! Only utilize what you need for the day. Hosting with us is safer than going to dangerous outcalls where you are walking into a stranger’s environment that you are not familiar with where you have no idea what tricks are in store. Hosting with us also presents the model as more upscale so she can make more! Some models who focus on sugar arrangements present the villa as their personal residence so they never have to bring sugar daddy’s to their actual residence!

START NOW! Text Brinklee (470) 315-1084  REAL Club Atlanta Dunwoody Adult Entertainment Villa



Our intimate & Sexy Private Adult Fantasy Club hosted in a discrete villa in safe upscale prestigious North Atlanta near perimeter mall is just what you need to enjoy those steamy getaway moments you crave! From the moment you walk in, your eyes unwind to warm relaxing lighting while simultaneously being stimulated by the breathtaking synchronized laser lighting effects that bounce & bend to the the deep chill house music video on the 150" diagonal projection tv showing scantly clad bikini models dancing to the auto dj beat! ask your host for a quick tour before your are whisked away to a Breakaway Private Theme Room with matching cultural music, decor and videos designed to heighten your senses, infuse desire, naughtiness, passion & lust!

Membership is free and affords new members basic freedom of speech when texting/emailing model members! Members Just gift in cash for party admission or model introduction upon arrival! Club dues for members are legal!  

Plush spacious playspace featuring 2 VIP Lounges, Top Golf Course Simulator/Golf Swing coach & indoor driving practice area, Kinky Adult Toys, Deep Chill House Music, Cosplay & Bikini Clad Super Models & similar Videos, Parrot Mascot, Stripper Pole, 2) 150” Diagonal HD Projection TVs featuring All Major Sporting Events, Surround Sound Theater Area featuring Current In Theater Movies, 2 Refreshment Bars, Smokers Deck / Smokers Covered Patio, Deer Viewing Area, Chill & Photography Areas, Discrete Arrival Changing Area with Lockers allows guest to get out of their cars & change without going thru the club first, VIP Drop off, Free Off Street Valet Parking!

Ladies Lounge

ultra contemporary black Leather sectional with white super modern accent pieces in a sunken Conversation Pit are juxtaposed with museum quality rare far east appointments embossed in Asian model figurines set in festive mother of pearl, Built-In Surround Theater System with Auto DJ/Self DJ, Music Activated Laser/Strobe Show, Mother of Pearl Asian Cocktail Table with japanese seating for six, Mother of Pearl Oriental Dinner Table with seating for 8 & 2 mother of pearl Dividers, Granite Dining/Serving Area, Parrot Mascot, Smokers Deck Deer Viewing Area!

Gentleman’s Lounge

Cozy Suede Conversation Pit with 150” Diagonal HD Projection TV featuring top sporting events and current in theater movies, Auto DJ or Self DJ Music Videos, Lifesized Porn & more

Professional Ping Pong Table with Practice Machine - practice or play others

Practice Compete Play Golf against up to 4 players or Online with Incredible Accuracy! Simulator meticulously modeled after the top world renown country club golf courses like Torrey Black, Twisted Twig, Palm Desert & up to  50 top courses! Use your real golf clubs or any clubs Drivers | Wedges | Putters! Track & Analyze Swing, Driving Range, Hit Real Balls, Foam Balls or no ball at all! Ever golf at night with Super Models? Or win a tournament while getting a lapdance? Take the erotic sports challenge! Global Online Tournaments! Compete against any of over 74,000 players!

Card Parties-Poker/Strip Poker, Club Seating, Smoker’s Patio/Deer Viewing Area

Other PlaySpaces

Asian Cosplay Space - Hawaiian Japanese Chinese Thai or other Oriental Fantasy Cosplay Space featuring Plush

Queen Double Pillowtop BodyRubLuv Bed, Asian Costume Changing Divider, HD Asian Lifesized Videos/Adult Movies, Bluetooth Speaker, Oriental Art, Laser Lighting, Connected Bath Suite!

MiddleEastern Cosplay Chamber - India, Egyptian, Jewish & Other Ancient Civilization Fantasies Asian Cosplay Space featuring California King Double Pillowtop BodyRubLuv Bed, Changing Cabinet,  HD Asian Lifesized Videos/Adult Movies, Bluetooth Speaker, Persian Rug, Laser Lighting, Across Hall Bath Suite!

Voyer BDSM Lair - Lockdown Room featuring Torture Rack for Two, Suspension Gear, Adult Toys, Ok for water fantasy, Outside Peeping Window, Music Videos

Bar or Kitchen Fantasy Area -  Stocked with pretty lace aprons & a variety of kitchen utensils/items that you only thought you knew how to use….

Private LapDance Booth - Enjoy Private Cosplay LapDances either in one of the theme rooms or the VIP Booth

Gloryhole Booth - No self respecting adult club would be without one of these

Bridal Suite / Teen Bedroom Fantasy Quarters - White room with White bridal bed netting veil and Plush California King Sleigh BodyRubLove Bed! Suite can be configured with stuffed animals & toys for Teen Fantasy! HD Teen Lifesized Videos/Adult Movies, Bluetooth Speaker, White Fur Rug, Laser Lighting, Heated Hall Showering Suite!


Woods Outdoor Fantasy Area - Great private discrete outside woods fantasy area! Good for forced/chased, tied outside & other woods fantasies!


Internet Webcam Booths - don’t miss hosting your show - host it with one of our models!

Masquerade VIP Discrete Direct Entrance to Dressing Area - For additional discretion, request the Masquerade Entrance! Black Entertainer Tint Mercedes S-Class Pickup at discrete secrete free parking center 1 mile from club whisked directly into Private Dressing Area with available black jacket/tie & masks! Erotic Fashions & Costumes Available