BODYLUV & LAPDANCE - Your Favorite Teasing RubMaster/BodyMaster Playmate Interests!

Any of the Dressup Costume Roleplay Fantasies &  Cosplays can also be combined to create the Ultimate BodyMastering Experience  - RSVP now!

Bodyrub - Typically focuses on a part of your body, sometimes mine!

Bodywork - Complete body revitalization from head to toe!

BodySlide - Full body to body  contact, the most intimate body work imaginable!

Favorite Body Experience - NURU NURU NURU!!!

The word “nuru” originates from the Japanese language, which means “slippery”, however, it is believed it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used to make it, called “Nori”.  Nuru Body Gel Japanese formula contains powerful moisturizing nori seaweed. When applied to the skin, seaweed detoxifies as well as restore your skin’s tone and vitality.  Seaweed being rich in micronutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes, fortify health when devouring a mate!  The Nuru Gel has thick, highly slippery and elastic properties, in addition, it is tasteless; Ideal for Nuru BodyWork. See more about this erotic slide below.


A relaxing rub, bodywork or full bodyslide is a great place to start! We  LOVE TO RUB more than any massage  spa!!!!  Don't Believe it?  

Check out all these crazy RUBS!!! Who else has more?

VolcanoRub An erotic hands magic show, where a lil mountain is turned it into a raging erupting volcano! Many rubs end with VolcanoRub or Japanese Torpedo Bombing - see more info on JTB below!

MummificationBodyWork We study  MiddleEastern, Asian & other cultures and practice a variety of mummification techniques (face & other areas only partially mummified). Cloth, saran, quick plastic wrap, sea weed and others! Why wait until the afterlife to enjoy this pleasure! <b>TRULY FOR TODAY'S KING!

MutualRub Show your favorite model that you can  rub too! Show her what you know some secret erotic places or learn some from her!! Sometimes the best rub is the one received!

Nuru BodySlide The Most Slippery nude B2B Slide on the planet!

TantraRub Body & Mind enjoy heightened enjoyment thru techniques designed to prolong pleasure! How long can you hold out? 

Neo Tantra BodyWork All of TantraRub plus breathing & yoga style bodywork techniques designed to awaken the Kundalini snake!

Indian Chakra  Chakras (pronounced shah-cruhz) multi-hr or multi-visit revitalization of seven energy centers in the body to enhance overall performance!

Ultimate FantasyRub - Any costume (Over 20-See some above) and roleplay can be added to any Bodywork to create the Ultimate Fantasy Bodywork

FitnessRub I work out every other day & have my own gym!!! Share a work out with me in my gym complete with intense physical body work and relaxation & revitilization afterwards!

B2B  I enjoy full body to body rub! You will too!<br>

Thai BodyRub  Stretching, enlargement & assisted range of motion bodywork!<br>

Thai Whole Bodywork All of Thai BodyRub plus Multi-hr more than  four positions: supine, side-lying, prone, sitting create enhanced mind, body & enlargement!<br>

Heart&Sole BodyRub I have magic feet to tantalize your body & sensual rub to revitalize your feet and relieve all your stress!<br>

Hot Oil  Warm oil relaxing your whole body or add to any rub!<br>

WeightLossRub I am Egyptian/Asian and practice a variety of mummification and wrap related weight loss techniques (face & member only partially covered). Cloth, saran, sea weed, chocolate, honey rosemary and others! U will smell great, feel smoother than ever, be sensually relieved and lose weight! What could be more fun!

DominatrixRub For submissive guys - dominated, sometimes spanked, trampled/stomped, collared, bdsm, bondage etc by Non Sensual Rub with Dominatrix who may even help you with your own VolcanoRub before kicking you out...

LapDance Bodywork My body dances all over you with tantalizing sexiness! Classy upscale teasing mutual touch! Explode when ready!

DDay Bombardier  Surveillance, infiltrate then Bomb the Japanese Torpedo Plant right between the 2 big torpedoes! BOMBS AWAY!

Goddess Domination Rub For submissive guys - subjugated by Sensual Egyptian Goddess Rajin for tantra tease and denial - breast, legs, kity &/or az worship, who might help you with your own volcanorub after owning you as her slave...Goddess may also consider ceebeetee, g-spot /prostate, gs, chastity rub & more 

<b>Yes Master Rub</b>Submissive - I dream of Genie Rub - yes master I can do that! <br>

<b>Hot Stone </b>Stimulating lastingly warm rub with spinal stones as I  ease stress from your body or add to any rub<br>

<b>FacialRub AKA Fountain of Youth FoYRub</b>Your face deserves my special fountain of youth potion! Can be added to any rub! Your face will be totally stimulated & you will leave looking younger! My unique facial cream!<br>

<b>ReflexRub </b>Reflexology pressure applied to the feet & hands to energize other parts of the body! I know just where to press to encourage growth & stress relief!<br>

<b>Girlfriend Rub </b>Mouth to Mouth rub includes neck, ears & other erogenous zones designed to revitalize the mind, body & increase sensuality!<br>

<b>ReikiRub (ray-key) </b>An ancient multi-hr hands on non-invasive healing based on channeling (concentration) the universal life force (or chi) through the body. Promotes self healing, increased energy and removal of your energy blockages<br>

<b>RainShowerRub </b>Stimulating Aroma & Rain Shower Mutual Rub<br>

<b>KissRub </b>Sponge bath & gentle kisses slowly draw stress from your body<br>

<b>Real TherapeuticRub</b> - Relieve all sore spots and hard spots!<br>

<b>3Some Triangle of LuvRub </b>Sexy girlfriend is added to any rub.<br>

Mix and Match then add fantasy (Over 600 Combinations!) to see I enjoy the widest variety of Body Revitalization on the planet!<br>

 (Any Gift suggested is for introduction, Admission, Erotic Matchmaking or similar and no other services for money are implied! See RSVP Contact Contract for complete info on my safe legal full fun sessions). My body experiences can be combined)