Welcome to REAL Club PLAY! What is REAL?

Discrete Private Safe Sensual Awareness! The New Millennium's Definition of Wellness!

How can a sexual being be well if they are not sensual? Even when a sensual being is sensual if their senses are not heightened & challenged, they will not continue to be well... REAL Club PLAY is the New Millennium Adult Wellness Center for Individuals & Couples! 


For close to 20 years, REAL Club PLAY has been the Premier Private Adult Club ib the Southeast! From the moment you arrive, you realize you have escaped the Vanilla World! Expect a bombardment of senses from the moment you enter! Colors, sights, sounds, tastes & feels to tantalize ALL your senses abound! Music activated LED Laser Lighting, Cool Deep Chill Downtempo Upscale No Cursing Reincarnations of  Top songs! Rare Cultural Furnishings, Fashions & Adult Conversation pits! Bikini clad Models hanging out & on the 150" Diagonal TVs, Top Sports Events, Pay Per View & Current In-Theater Movies on other Tv's! Golf Simulator/Driving Practice! Sexy ladies relaxing with online friends both in person & thru the REAL Net.

Fantasy Introductions! Booked private time with a sexy Model Member? Expect a kinky escape from the normalcy of traditional relationships with fellow members of distinction, glamour and kink who enjoy One on One Fantasy Cosplay Introductions, Goddess Worship, Sensual Play, Lover's Reverie, AgePlay, Power Exchange, BodRub Luv, Strict Non Sensual Dominatrix, Costume Dressup LapDances, Goddess Worship & Sensual Dominatrix, Lollipop Fantasy, Greek Training Fantasy, Legal Age Teen & Lolita Merriment, Raceplay, Taboo Challenges, Chaperoned Bondage, Natural Submissives & Other Wild Member to Member Introductions! Links:   Models Click Here  Reserve & Meet Models Legally & Safely Click Here!

Join one of our Daily Parties?  Schedule your admittance to small private wild kinky party, usually no more than 6 members! Enjoy Sexy Swingers, BBC & Cuckold Wife Swaps, Foot Worship, Bukkake, GloryHole, Dominatrix, GroupBangs, BonBodyRub Luv Sensual Adult Catering Sessions, Dominant/Submissive Power Play/Exchanges, Adult Sexuality Classes/Seminars, LapDance/Striptease, Lifestyle Weekends/Getaways & such  hosted by sexy open minded kinksters in a posh theme related suite dedicated to sensuality! Hosting in the  KinkDom Dungeon is also available! Vetted members can alternatively request an introductions or parties at their place.  Links:  Anytime Party    Plan a Party/Rent Venue

Models looking for a Hotel Alternate that's Safe/Legal?  Adult Entertainer / Companion safe legal meeting hosting!  Now a days, many adult entertainment seekers ask their provider if they host at a hotel or at an apartment/ house before visiting because there are just too many stings and setups at hotels. They prefer if the provider hosts at their apartment or home!  Don't host at your home & invite stalkers LE etc! 

Need an upscale environment to host your 1 on 1 adult meeting/small party? Host BodyRub/Bodywork Meetings, Companion Meetings, Dominatrix Sessions, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Sessions, Adult Dance Shows, Hookah Parties, Getaway Dates, Stripper/Lapdance Parties, Worshiped Goddess Sessions, Zumba & Other Dance Parties, Yoga/Belly Dance Classes, Burlesque Erotic Theater Shows, Adult Formal Dinner Parties, Bachelor/Divorce Parties, Swinger/wife Swap Parties, Erotic Theater/Voyer Shows, Office Fantasy Party, Abduction/Forced Fantasy, Adult Fashions, Lingerie & Body Paint Shows & more!

REAL Club PLAY offers hosting in upscale homes, nice apartments, offices & condos!​ 24/7/365 NO CREDIT CHECK! NO APPLICATION!

Ditch the hotel, they will kick you out at 11 & you can't leave anything there for your next hosting session so you always have to drag your stuff around...Can't get the room until 3pm? Been there ... did that! Done with it!  Links:    Venue Info   Tour Venue    Members Only Venue Pics 

Host Your Adult Party?  CREATE YOUR OWN REAL CLUB PRIVATE-ANYTIME-PARTY, Free Venue when you reserve one or more of our models for 2 hours or more!  Bachelor, Bachelorette, Divorce, Corporate, Sales closer, Sexy Golf Driving, Stripper, Swingers, Cuckold, Wife Swap, BBC, Bukkake, Gloryhole  Luv & more! Don't want the party to end? Plan a multi-day Party or Join a lifestyle weekend! Link:  Plan Your Party

Looking For Safe Legal Upscale Adult Work? Compnion, Dominatrix, Adult Video Actress, BodyWork Companion, Submission, Webcam, Reality TV  We are always hiring top Adult Models. Make 100-400k/yr!  Link:    Model Hiring Info 

Why is it safe & legal with us? Membership Protects your legally!  Click here for FAQ 

Membership protects you legally!   Click Here to read membership Agreement 

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy protects you legally!   Click Here to read TOU & PP

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE & there is no place to put a credit card on this site! Why is it FREE? Because we want to let prospective members know they can enjoy an adult party or meet a new sensual adult friend safely & legally! Members & prospective members enjoy member to member parties, classes, seminars, introductions based on free unique erotic & non erotic match making criteria! Most club interactions are small daily parties or one on one dress-up, roleplay & fantasy (cosplay) meetings with like minded members with kinky imagination like yours!

 Membership is required for party admittance or to meet any member and granted free to those who let us know they yearn for sensual and sexual freedom by requesting an appointment on the RESERVE PAGE-You can click here to go there!  Members only gift to club after they have been introduced to the model member in person or admitted for the party, class or seminar! How cool is that!

What You've Missed - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-A hundred pics are worth a hundred thousand words!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Real Club is the most unique Adult Club on the east coast, since it is not just one type of club like the others!

Don't Call REAL Club PLAY ...

a SWINGER CLUB, even though most of our members are singles & couples who enjoy swinging, partner swapping, group parties, wild hotel key swap parties & parties we can't mention publicly!
an ESCORTS, although some of our super model male or female members are companions interested in meeting someone interested in what they are interested in...one on one or party, local or travel, dinner or hotel room!
a MASSAGE SPA despite the fact that some of our members are BODY WORK enthusiasts that really get into rubbing not for therapy but for pleasure! They enjoy a combination of more than 700 exotic, sensual, fantasy and mutual body rubs! Meet a member you are compatible with and share your choice of 30+ exotic rubs combined with one of 30+ fantasy dressups with roleplay or just let us know what your favorite rub is!
a STRIPPERS CLUB, whilst it's clear that most model members love to dance and take off their clothes or take off their clothes! By themselves or in your lap! On the floor or on a table or the bar! In the VIP room or in the lounge!
a DUNGEON, however  their lair includes dungeon equipment and sessions with kinky bdsm doms, goddesses, mistresses who enjoy dominatrix & submissive (both male & female subs) for one on one sessions, kinkster parties & more!
a PARTY because you can be introduced to a fellow member for a one on one meeting or join any variety hangouts & parties!
Call REAL CLUB PLAY is the Adult Fantasy Playground for Adults and just cum play!

Yes because for almost 20 years, REAL Club PLAY has been like all these clubs wrapped up in one, it is the ULTIMATE Adult Club in Atlanta & on the East Coast! Membership is required for all including Models! It' shows we assure your privacy and ours! No experience is  required, we will teach you anything you are interested in! The more you are interested in, the more you will make! 

REAL CLUB PLAY the discrete private membership required sensual awareness adult entertainment & social club dedicated to:

Preventing Sexual Crime against Minors....

Raising Sensual & Sexual Awareness ... Promoting Sensual Wellness!

​Members meeting Models & Playmates 1 on 1 in a safe private discrete upscale residential setting!

Educating the public and interested ones about the Alternate Adult Lifestyle & it's benefits

Promoting Alternate Adult Lifestyle Interests

Erotic & Adult  Interests Matchmaking & Compatibility

Lifestyle socializing/interactions, Adult Sensual/Sexual Activity Classes/Showcases/Seminars

Lifestyle weekends, singles/couples sensual relationship mentoring, stress relief, adult relaxation

Private & public practice and acceptance of non traditional alternate lifestyles & interests

Safe neutrally hosted member matchmaking & introductions

Adult Meetings & Parties, Top Sports Events, Erotic Theater, Porn Star Parties, Adult Activity/Party Hosting

Respect for Privacy with regards to the exploration and involvement in Safe Legal Alternate Adult Interests and Lifestyle

Respect for others & their interests/limits

Consensual Alternative Adult Relationships & Behaviors for private, discrete and discerning adults!

& More!

Membership is FREE and grants you greater freedom of speech & matchmaking options! Come get your Sensual health checkup Today!

Free membership on the RESERVE page (click here)