Reservation Contract

Before we meet,I want you to know I'm the most fun, sexiest and safest friend you can meet and I'm not meeting to entrap you or cause you any legal harm! And I want to make sure you are not entrapping me. To that end, please read this Reservation Contract (hereinafter referred to as "Contract") completely to understand that I seek to legally protect both of us and any continued to use this site or making reservation to meet me or ANY continued communication of any type is considered as agreement with the Contract.


Contract to meet. We both understand&agree with the entire contents herein. We both understand that I am not a stripper, nor escort nor am I providing any massages (I do not use those words & prefer if you didn't either, if you want a massage, go see a masseuse, escort/stripper get someone that agrees they are an escort/stripper). Actually I am not providing any services at all nor any services for money rather that I am an independent highly sensual or sexual person interested meeting a like minded person where it appears based on our conversations that we share common fantasy & other adult interests. Additionally we both affirm that we are each at least 18years old & of sound mind&health.

So that we can meet & enjoy each other’s company without anyone misrepresenting our mutually interest as something illegal. We both understand & agree that we are matched for nonerotic & erotic compatibility&we have similar interests in alternate adult relationships & that all communication we engaged in up to now&once we meet is for entertainment purposes only&cannot be used as a contract for anything illegal nor as part of any investigation nor as legal testimony in court.


We both understand&agree that any gift suggested or donated is for Matchmaking or Introduction Service & nothing else also you can supply a business card for me to acknowledge that on the back however failure to do so affirms that gift is not for any other services.Additionally the purpose of gift can be indicated by writing "Gift for REAL Club USA not the representative accepting it" on an envelop and putting gift inside, failure to do so affirms that gift is not for anything illegal nor for any other service at all.

We both understand and agree not to discuss any services, any fees or any gifts once  we meet or in person. Meeting is excluded from representatives of all investigating agencies including news,media,law enforcement&their affiliates or associates.Meeting while representing any excluded groups or while engaged in an active investigation related to our meeting without disclosure of that fact is accepted by both parties as a violation/breach of this CONTRACT with the violated party's privacy&constitutional rights being acknowledged as damaged with liability for damages incurred being acknowledged as the responsibility of the violating party as well as any entity they represent or any entity that will use their testimony. We both agree to this CONTRACT& give Affidavit that it has been digitally witnessed and that we understand&agree with this complete CONTRACT &that ANY additional communication from this number or other numbers that are party to this number as also acknowledging this CONTRACT. END of CONTRACT.

Those you are meeting  understand and agree with all parts of this CONTRACT. This protects you legally and any continued use  of this site or reservation to meet or ANY continued communication of any type is considered as agreement with this contract.

You now know I'm no threat legally and will have no grounds for it & neither will you so why dont we just meet & have some FUN! Continuing and making a reservation indicates agreement with this contract. If you do not agree, leave this site and never return, visiting site more than twice also indicates agrement with this contract.

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