Pleasure seekers that enjoys a variety of stimulating group activities! If you can imagine it, we have a model that enjoys it! Maybe several!


Afternoon/Evening Dominatrix Party host Sexy Dominatrix Goddess

Afternoon Girl/Girl Party Group Swinger 

ons including meeting a new friend(s)! I submerge myself into each meeting because we are sharing something special to me! I enjoy COSPLAY - the Japanese Role play with Costumes juxtopositioned with a any of my body relaxing playtime. Feel free to suggest a cosplay fantasy role and combine it with exhilerating body experience to create The Ultimate Body Experience!   



Which dressup roleplay fantasy turns you on?
Teen School Girl - teen inspired schoolgirl outfit!
CheerGirl - I cheer for your Big Shot
Sexiest Housewife in the world! Variety of sexy aprons & always cooking with love, are u coming home to your trophy wife or the guy across the street sneaking over to play. I never take my ring off.
Naughty Nurses wear BLACK and cure morning wood, bluballs and similar ailments.
EXoTiC Traditional British Schoolgirl in bow tie & jacket
Flight Attendant - join Mile High Airline 
Sexy Business Lady - I have my own office to play in
Middle Eastern / Indian Belly Dancer - The only Harem Girl you will ever need 
Bikini Model - Sizzling Hot Bikini Model & Striptease
Dominatrix - with my 5" or taller heels, I stand over 6' not just a Dominating Presence - Complete dominating fun!
Teacher - I have my own classroom to share the wildest teacher student fantasy! your or Mine?

French Maid - Asian French Maids are just more fun and submissive!
Militia - Join the YUMI militia & enjoy the battle between the sexes
Librarian - I have my own Library to play in!
Japanese Geisha -  traditional Japanese hostesses versed in various Japanese arts, pleasure & conversation
Sexy Nerd - The sexiest Pleasure seeking nerdy glasses wearing awkwardly sensual nerd on the planet!
Envious Club Date - Multi-hr outting to favorite spot enjoying sensual rubs until we are the envy of the club!
Gogo Dancer - Chic private lap lover
Ridem Cowgirl - You horsee Me Rider - with or without clothes wearing cowboy hat
Preppy Student - Ivy League Style, Classy & Sensuality
Flashing Graduate - Cap & Gown usually with bathing suit / bra & panties or nothing underneath

Business Boss - Dominate or submissive Business lady 
Daisy Dukes - sometimes naive rouge Southern Balle Dessed in Checked breast revealing tied top & cutoff shorts
East Indian Goddess - Dressed in traditional East Indian garb & adornments inspired from the deities
Lady in Red - So sexy in Red Dress - Hot girl 
Lady in Black - Great club Look
HootersGirl - I have my own Hooters outfit, for the best wings you ever had!

Secretary - I know you had a rough day, I'll relax the stress away. Professional offce dress up, your office or mine?

Rain Coat Flasher - Sexy rain Coat with bikini or nothing underneath
Teen Dream - Several sexy teen dream outfits!
& combine 2 or more

or suggest your favorite dressup fantasy for us to share! 


(some dressups requires at least 24hr advance reservation or additional gift)




The Ultimate Exotic Princess with the Ultimate Fantasy Dressup & Roleplay combined with the

wildest Body Experience Interests equals


The Ultimate Bodywork Experience!


Share one of my sexy dressup roleplay fantasies juxtiposed with my erotic sensual body experience for

the Ultimate Cosplay Bodywork fun on the planet!






                                                                                   Your Favorite Bodymastering Playmate

From VolcanoRub to Cosplay Bodywork no one gets into rubs more than I do period!

Call me the Rub Doctor! Cosplay with every session, full hour or more sessions! RSVP now!

Bodyrub - Typically focusses on a part of your body, sometimes mine!

Bodywork - Complete body revitalization from head to toe!

BodySlide - Full body to body  contact, the most intimate body work imaginable! Full Fun!



My Favorite Body Experience - NURU NURU!!!

The word “nuru” originates from the Japanese language, which means “slippery”, however, it is believed it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used to make it, called “Nori”.  Nuru Body Gel Japanese formula contains powerful moisturizing nori seaweed. When applied to the skin, seaweed detoxifies as well as restore your skin’s tone and vitality.  Seaweed being rich in micronutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes, fortify health when devouring a mate!  The Nuru Gel has thick, highly slippery and elastic properties, in addition, it is tasteless; Ideal for Nuru BodyWork. See more about this erotic slide below.




                                                                           Body Experience Interest           

 (Gift suggested is for introduction, no other services for money are implied, I love full pleasure and enjoy body experiences &        

               pleasing! See RSVP for complete info on my safe legal full fun sessions). My body experiences can be combined) 

Sit back and enjoy Sheer Relaxation. Body rub designed to relieve stress and bring volcano to erupting power! I enjoy Volcano play so much, I happily share the Volcano Eruption show with every new friend or couple I meet!
Class1 & Class2

I am bi-sexual and enjoy couples as much as they enjoy me! Couples are encouraged to share a multi-hr couples fantasy, bodywork & the ultimate releif! 


Relax while Japanese Torpedos tantalize your entire body! Unparalleled combination of firmness & softness to blow your mind! Expect an Explosion!

Magic feet tantalize your body or revitalize your feet. Either has your stress shooting from your body!

Headach relief while relaxing the entire body will leave you on a smiling head trip for days!

Fondling, Kissing & bodywork focuses on neck, ears & other erogenous zones designed to revitalize the mind, body & increase sensuality!
​​Class1 & ​​Class2

Enjoy the Ultimate Japanese Dish! Enjoy rare Japanese delicasy from my body &/or experience role reversal.


Your Favorite Fantasy, Roleplay & Bodywork (s) combine to create the Ultimate Cosplay Bodywork or body to body slide!

Tantra entails far more than simple, sensual pleasure.  Tantric is powerful for awakening and prolonging sensuality on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Your entire body will be tantalized to the point of complete release multiple times however the goal is to build endurance thru extended pleasure. How long can you hold out?




MutualRub ​​
Seeing me in person is sure to be the inspiration that ignites you to want to rub too! Show me what you know! Sharing is caring!



Class1 & Class2

Full body-to-body sensual slide that is enjoyed with special lotions & gels. While laying I join my body to yours. The sensations and experiences are amazing as we begin playing with each other-body to body! An exotic mutual body to body dance is enjoyed that relaxes muscles, relieves tension & stress!


I have my own gym & fitness studio to share complete fitness bodywork and intensely sensual body relaxation & stress relief afterward!

Class1 & Class2

Lap love removes the grind from your hard day!   


Your face deserves my special fountain of youth potion! Totally facial stimulation that you will leave you looking rosier & younger than ever! Not to mention the envious smile that appears on your face every time you reminisce!

BDSM Sensual Bodywork
Part1-Disicpline, Bondage, Tease & Denial, XDress
​​Part2-Part1 + sensual-ForcedFem, G-Spot, StrapToy, Showers

Somethings are too good to miss, why wait until death? Many different wraps to enhance living sensuality, pre & post wrap sensual bodywork!

Watch or share as I learn to Squirt. Or ladies taught to Squirt. Most ladies never attain the ultimate climax because they withdraw. Be taught to relax & release! Enjoy my Squirt Training Experience!

Nuru Bodywork is a full body-to-body sensual body slide with unique gel.  Both partners might take a luxurious shower or bath.  This step is essential for touch, cleansing the participants, and damping the bodies since Nuru is performed whilst wet. Afterwards, lay on the Nuru Mattress & enjoy while I pour the warmed Nuru body gel directly onto your body and mine, then the sensual body to body slide begins! The sensations experienced are amazing  as playing with the gel and each other until encased as one  with the gel! The slithering motion is not only highly amazing, but it also relaxes muscles, relieves stress, tension & heightens pleasure!